TGO Radio S07E11: “Diamond” Rob Ford (Exactly) (NSFW)

Total run time: 1:38:45

Recorded Sunday, November 10, 2013 at The New Studio.

Hosted by Brian Wise and Jeff Durant, produced by Doug Reacharound.

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Show Open / New Studio / Intern Bringing Us Food / ObamaCare (0:01)

Rob Ford, the Crack Fiend Mayor, is Awesome / Food Arrives / Hazing / Exactly (10:21)

Facebook Posts of the Illiterate Asshole Arrested for the Manhattan Ice Rink Shootings (41:17)

Jeff's Ex (47:32)


The News

Man Drugs His Young Daughter so He Can Fuck Her Friend (50:25)

Man Shoots His Face Off, Terry Kath Weighs In / Terry Kath Discussion (1:05:33)

Couple Caught Fucking in a Public Bathroom / “The Humpty Dance” / Old Timey Guy (1:12:37)

Follow-up: Man Sentences for Fucking Inflatable Raft (1:17:32)

Bathroom Fucker Reset / Room Service Mayo (1:20:30)

Old Pimp (1:21:41)

HIV Positive Man Covered Woman in Gasoline, Raped Her (1:29:06)

Cop Sexually Harasses 17-year-old Rape Victim (1:31:55)