TGO Radio S07E06: Travon Martin: Still Dead (NSFW)

Total run time: 1:38:10

Recorded Sunday, July 14, 2013 at The Meadows.

Hosted by Brian Wise and Jeff Durant, produced by Doug Reacharound.

Listen to / download this episode here, or download via bit torrent here.

Show Open / Zimmerman Verdict Prologue (0:01)

American Dad XXX Porn Parody Theme Song and Discussion (6:30)

KTVU-TV Falls for Fake Airline Pilot Names / Jeff's 4th of July Party (16:45)

Glee Actor Found Dead (25:22)

George Zimmerman Acquitted / Headaches & Health Care / Thermal Darwinism (27:59)

Al Sharpton / Jesse Ventura / Bill Maher / Bill Nye (45:30)

The News

Juan De Los Rios Update (48:23)

New Jersey Bus Driver Caught Jerking His Cock on Camera / The Skinny (51:48)

Here's Flickin' at You, Kid / Ted Levine / The Cum Noise (1:04:52)

Shirtless and Shoeless Man Crashes Party, Eats Pizza, Steals Balloon Animals (1:14:13)

Man Fucks Pool Toy for the Third Times (1:16:30)

Man Arrested for Fucking the Same Horse a Second Time / Animal Brothels (1:19:22)

Asian Chick and Old Guy in the Park / Buzz Killington / Chick Loves to Suck Balls / Sasha Grey (1:27:58)