TGO Radio S07E04: Guilty White Fruits (NSFW)

Total run time: 1:41:33

Recorded Sunday, June 30, 2013 at The Meadows.

Hosted by Brian Wise and Jeff Durant, produced by Doug Reacharound.

Listen to / download this episode here, or download via bit torrent here.

Show Open / Jeff's Solo Podcast / Monsters / Power Outages (0:01)

Pussy Headache / Doug Reacharound is a Scumbag (9:53)

Jeremy Newberger Recap / Static X's Kid Fucking Guitar Player (12:58)

Brian Has a Crush on an 18-year-old / Chicks and Fantasy / Sons / IRS (24:07)

Sports Roundup: Blackhawks, Spurs, Notre Dame Football (33:41)

Aaron Hernandez and Orenthal James / Fat People Carts (45:25)

Fat Thighs in Hot Phoenix / Man of Steel is Irredeemable / World War Z / Cairo (50:11)

The News

Cockold Lures Teenage Boys to Hideous Woman with Beer (54:26)

This Week's Paula Deen Award Winner (1:08:54)

Show, Interrupted (1:19:19)

Mexicans Walking Through a Desert for Hours is a Theme Park Attraction Now (1:21:18)

Chinese Woman Kills Husband and Self While Driving, Surprises No One (1:27:29)

Naked Man Crawls into House Through Doggy Door, Hilarity Ensues (1:31:22)

Man Sleeps on Railroad Tracks, Hilarity Ensues (1:34:51)

Ball Bag and Pussy Rejuvenation Surgery / Show Close (1:37:40)