TGO Radio S07E02: The Mexican Rape Dance (NSFW)

Total run time: 1:51:03

Recorded Monday, June 10, 2013 at The Meadows.

Hosted by Brian Wise and Jeff Durant, produced by Doug Reacharound.

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Show Open / Brian's Way into Plague, Inc. / Ass Candies (0:01)

Jeff was in the Hospital / Back to Plague, Inc. (8:16)

The Purge is Fucking Awful / Star Trek into Darkness / Star Wars (15:44)

Technical Difficulties: “Act Like Nothing Happened” / Nazi Dad Wants to See His Kids (25:32)

Brian is Still being Audited / Deadwood Digression (41:26)


Queens of the Stone Age's New Album (49:36)

The News

The Ballad of Juan De Los Rios (52:16)

German Gives Alimony Payment to a Stranger (1:07:12)

Texas Man Acquitted for Killing a Whore who Didn't Bang Him or refund His Money (1:10:10)

Judge Says Blacks and Hispanics and “Predisposed to Crime” / Archie Bunker (1:13:52)

Local Blue Hair “Shocked” that Prostis Arrested at Massage Parlors / Stupid Moving Face (1:17:33)

Three Born Winners / Fatsos Try to Cut off a Thin Girl's Fingers (1:26:31)

$500 Worth of Sex Toys Stolen from a Hot Chick's Trunk / Old Dildoes (1:35:06)