TGO Radio S06E12: “Fantasy Slut League” (NSFW)

Total run time: 2:01:08

Recorded: Monday, October 29, 2012 at The Meadows

Your Hosts: Brian Wise and Jeff Durant

Produced by: Doug Reacharound

Ghost Loads / Show Open / Fatwa and Fat Twat / The Worst Movie in History (0:01)

Did You Hear? There's a Big Hurricane Hitting the East Coast / Obama Phone! / Obama Kicks Door Open (6:50)

Crane Dangles, Santa Claus' Illegitimate Half Brother / Santa Claus is a Gangster (15:15)

Headphone Problems / The Worst 6-1 Team Ever / Actual Crane Dangling in Manhattan (22:56)

The Detroit Tigers Were Swept Out of the World Series / Sweepy-o's (27:15)

Birthday Boys / Jeff's Headphones / The Artie Lange Method (28:26)

Political Ads / Balloons! / The Boy Knows Football (33:49)

Axl Rose Butchers “Welcome to the Jungle” (38:30)


Tit Monster and Janice Dean the Weather Machine (55:14)

The News

The Fantasy Slut League / Bob Ross Painting Happy Little Swastikas (56:25)

Occupy Mom Leaves Husband and Family, Still Gets Money in the Divorce, is a Hateable Cunt (1:08:35)

Oldster Jerking off at the Beach / Burnt Onions (1:14:37)

Best Wife Ever has Lesbian Sex with a Fifteen-year-old for Husband to Watch via Skype (1:19:29)

Toddler Puts a Used Condom in Her Mouth (1:24:42)

Miscellaneous Non News / Local News / Buzz Aldrin, Heavyweight Puncher (1:39:36)

One More Sandy Update (1:50:36)

Uninterrupted, Axl Rose Butchers “Welcome to the Jungle” (1:54:17)

The Boys Jump Back on Mic to Bash Axl Rose (2:00:31)