TGO Radio S06E10: “Friendo” (NSFW)

Total run time: 1:54:22

Recorded: Monday, September 17, 2012 at The Meadows

Your Hosts: Brian Wise and Jeff Durant

Produced by: Doug Reacharound

Show Open / Muhammad was an Illiterate Child Rapist / Christopher Hitchens / Brian's Nose Blowing Tragedy (0:01)

Brian's STD Scare (14:01)

Old Timey Baseball Songs / Slinky Necked Katharine Hepburn (24:36)

The Good News is, Brian Doesn't Have an STD / STD Contest / Contagion (36:05)

Radio / Mothafucka / ADD Cock Jerker / Cock Base / Courting / Free Fatty (44:47)

Take Me Out to the Ball Game” / Freddie Mercury / Jeff Lights Off / Take Me Out to the Gang Bang (54:51)


The News

Dude Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Head / Fishhook That Burden Out of My Woman, Please (1:15:24)

Man Sentenced to Jail for Cuming in Unsuspecting Girls' Hair (1:32:56)

Man Exposes Himself to a 12-year-old Girl / Brian Comes to Grips with What He's Done / India & Hell (1:37:23)

Man Found Naked on Park Bench with the Greatest Shopping List Ever (1:43:15)

Man Beats a Woman with a Vacuum Cleaner (1:45:35)

Memphis is Missing the Point (1:48:02)

The Brain Shuts Down / To Recap / We Barely do Less Radio Than Howard Stern (1:49:50)