TGO Radio S06E07: No Olympics, None of the Time (NSFW)

Total run time: 2:14:26

Recorded: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at The Meadows

Your Hosts: Brian Wise and Jeff Durant

Produced by: Doug Reacharound

Show Open / Massive Power Outage in India / Third World / Relative Causes Power Outage (0:01)

Today is Hiroshima Tribute Day (14:11)

Someone Broke into Brian's House / The Dark Knight Rises Fucking Stinks / Squirters are Scumbags (16:40)

Google Voice Also Fucking Stinks (22:39)

Brian Stands Up for Stupid Barack Obama (30:04)

TGO Radio's Annual Hiroshima Tribute (37:36)


Hiroshima Sit-com (1:03:18)

The News

Puppeteer Wanted to Kill, Rape, and Eat Kids (1:06:07)

Irate Woman Pepper Sprays Blue Hair at Home Depot / When Brian is President (1:19:53)

Jeff Suffers a Sneeze Miscarriage / Brian's Father (1:25:12)

Man Hits Wife, Forces Seven-year-old to Smoke Pot (1:34:29)

Buddhists are Doing it Wrong (1:37:31)

Man Tees Off on Burglar with an Aluminum Bat … Five Times (1:39:40)

Man Breaks into House, Hits Someone with a Guitar and a Porcelain Toilet Top (1:48:55)

Man Washes Ball Bag at a Water Fountain, in Front of Kids / Multnomah / Three Dollar Van (1:55:44)

National Hero Has Sex with 17-year-old girl, Legal; Pictures of the Sex, Illegal (2:05:16)

Jackoff Sets His Head on Fire (2:06:04)