TGO Radio S06E05: Jerkin' and Cryin' (NSFW)

Total run time: 2:16:18

Recorded: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at The Meadows

Your Hosts: Brian Wise and Jeff Durant

Produced by: Doug Reacharound

Show Open / New Intern? (0:01)

Brian Didn't have the Courage to Kill Himself / Had to Move / New Job (8:04)

Talking to Brian's Father is Annoying / Moving Continued / Getting Paid (19:55)

The Stupid Presidential Campaign (33:18)

The 4th of July and Police Scanners / Wife Abuse / Stupid Chael Sonnen (36:55)

Jeff Glosses His Ex “The Cuntess” (43:40)

When TGO Radio Becomes State's Evidence (57:04)

Primus (59:46)

Deadwood / The Killing (1:05:13)


Slipknot & “People = Shit” / Drum Fills (1:09:14)

Jerkin' Off Ain't What it Used to Be (1:13:49)

The News

Sondance the Clown Obviously Arrested for Possessing Child Porn (1:17:30)

Woman Walks into a Chuck E. Cheese's with a Knife and a Brick (1:33:47)

Man Arrested for Jerking Off while Driving / Jerkin' and Cryin' (1:38:50)

Man Barricades Himself in Hotel, Demands Pizza and Paris Hilton / Paris Hilton's Pussy (1:42:53)

Drunk Dad Forces Daughter to Blow into an Alcohol Interlock Device (1:45:38)

Woman Makes Sex Tape with Son, Looks Like Peg Bundy (1:55:10)

400 Pound Homeless Woman Strips Down and Sits on a Bus Bench (2:00:20)

Teacher Glosses a Student “The Missing Link” on The Facebook (2:05:33)

Random Audio and The Kentucky Fried Movie (2:12:17)