TGO Radio S06E03: The Girl with the Flipper Arm (NSFW)

Total run time: 2:06:11

Recorded: Thursday, May 24, 2012 at The Meadows

Your Hosts: Brian Wise and Jeff Durant

Produced by: Doug Reacharound

Show Open / Mush Mouth / Jesus Riding a Dinosaur (0:01)

The Girl with the Flipper Arm (5:23)

One Fat Pig and Her Disastrous Tramp Stamp / Banging Fucking Dinosaurs / Leather Pants & Spinal Tap (7:57)

Retard Chick Rocking Out to REO Speedwagon (16:46)

Slamming Broads in Popular Songs / Jack White Discussion (20:54)

General Pussy Discussion (33:51)

Twitter / Sexy Kids / Old Timey Sexy Kids / Katy Perry's Tits (42:53)

Jim Parsons (Finally) Came Out / His Dreamy, Twink of a Boyfriend (46:37)

Seven Kinds of Cock Breath / These Two White Cocksuckers?! (57:09)


The News

Somebody Needs to Pay for these Kids!” (1:04:50)

This Week in Gran Torino: Man Wields Gun to Get to Front of the Line at McDonald's (1:18:29)

Brian Wanted to Murder Four People While Driving (1:20:22)

Couple Locks Child in a Car to Visit a Strip Club / Dancers and Anal Sex / Strip Clubs (1:22:43)

A Pretty Funny Abortion Hunk ... (1:25:52)

and Back to the Child Neglecting Couple (1:29:19)

Ronald Reagan's Blood Pulled off the Auction Block (1:31:15)

Arizona's Attorney General Wanted Proof of Obama's Citizenship (1:33:15)

Chinese Cannibal Thought He was Being Attacked by an Alien (1:34:32)

Fight Breaks Out After Two Women Kiss. Dudes are Doing it Wrong (1:38:03)

High School Describes the Mentally Retarded as “Mentally Retarded” (1:41:04)

Brian's New Hero Knocked a Kid's Tooth Out for Being Loud at the Movies (1:47:20)

Man Arrested for Drunk Driving with Zebra and Parrot in Truck (1:50:16)

Unabomber Makes it into a Harvard 50th Reunion Book (1:55:03)

Golf Ball Knocks out a Woman's Teeth. ALLEGEDLY. (1:59:21)