TGO Radio Season 6 Episode 2: Depression and Huge Young Tits (NSFW)

Total run time: 1:58:11

Recorded: Thursday, 17 May, 2012 at The Meadows

Hosts: Brian Wise and Jeff Durant.

Produced by: Doug Reacharound.

Show Open / Brian is Very Depressed (0:01)

Mary Kennedy Hung Herself (7:33)

Brian is Obsessed with Morbidly Obese People (16:31)

This Week in John Travolta News / The Kennedy Knot (21:01)

TGO Radio is Seven Years Old; Here's Audio from Our AWFUL First Show, in 2005 (23:16)

Katy Perry Has a Movie Coming Out, is a Piece of Ass (1:00:00)

The News

Chris Matthews is a True Fucking Dullard (1:01:47)

Men Have Phones Stolen By Whores, Fornicaters (1:15:46)

Man Gets Numerous Lap Dances, Dies Before He Has to Pay. Thatta Boy (1:17:07)

This Week in Gran Torino: Man Throws Pitchfork at an 8-year-old's Bike Tire (1:20:14)

Oldster Hates His Nursing Home, Sets Fire to Clothes; it Turns Him On, He'd Do it Again (1:24:54)

Piece of Finger Winds Up in Arby's Sandwich / The New Wendy's Girl (1:27:57)

Older Chick Leaves Kids at Home to Fuck 13-year-old Boy; People Starting to Realize This is Not a Crime (1:34:03)

Brian Breaks Format to Talk About a Girl He Fucked Years Ago / Fire Hose Jizz Load / Shows Jeff Pictures (1:38:20)

This Week in Trayvon Martin / Zimmerman Will Get Off (1:42:30)

Preacher Hid Air Freshener Cameras in Women's Bathroom (1:44:09)

Man Found Guilty of Jerking off in Department Store Bathroom (1:50:12)

Laurie Fine is a Beast, is Going to Sue ESPN (1:53:31)