TGO Radio Season 6 Episode 1: Pussy is a Drug (NSFW)

Total run time: 2:02:35

Recorded: Thursday, 10 May, 2012 at The Meadows

Hosts: Brian Wise and Jeff Durant.

Produced by: Doug Reacharound.

Show Open / Would You Bang a Girl with a Flipper Arm? (0:01)

A Racist in Court / Old Timey Guy is a Racist (10:14)

Jeff Got Dumped One Year Ago (16:59)

John Travolta is Having the Worst Week, Apparently Has a Huge Hog (18:04)

Stupid Obama Forced to “Change His Mind” on Gay Marriage (32:49)

Travolta Revisited / Pulp Fiction Breakdown – “Mothafucka!” (45:53)

The News

Dude Wisely Digs Up Woman's Rotting Pet, Sends Her Pictures (1:01:06)

Dude Surfing Child Porn in McDonald's / When Brian Goes Crazy / First Deadwood Meltdown (1:04:21)

“Go Back to the 90s, Faggots!” (1:19:07)

Gran Torino Shoots Intruder in the Neck (1:19:45)

Jay Mohr Tells an Amazing Clint Eastwood Story (1:27:54)

Trifecta of Shit: Man Possesses Child Porn, Fucks Dogs, Works at Humane Society / Dice Forever (1:32:06)

“These Crazy Liberal Nuts are Always Pullin' This Crap” (1:36:19)

Uncle Barack's Amended Gay Marriage Statement (1:38:14)

Best Buy Employee Outs a Straight Man on Facebook (1:40:04)

Couple Straps Kids to Their Hood, Not Exactly Replicating Death Proof … (1:47:32)

… and the Show Generally Breaks Down From Here (1:54:15)