TGO Radio S05E03: Merry Fucking Christmas! (No Gays, No Kid Touchers)

Total run time: 2:06:08

Recorded: Friday, December 16, 2011 at Camp David

Your Hosts: Brian Wise and Jeff Durant

Produced by: Doug Reacharound

Show Open (0:01)

Gloves / Pancakes / Twitter (4:26)

Stupid Republican Debates / Newt Can't Win / The Clintons are Swingers (6:08)

RIP Christopher Hitchens / Montage (9:01)

Brian's Horrible, Old Man Ball Bag (11:36)

Smoothies / A Quiet Few Weeks / Leave Me the Fuck Alone (17:31)

Mush Mouth / “The Rappin' Duke” Rules / More Peas? / NY Woman v. Elevator (19:33)

No Gays, No Kid Touchers / Eight Hours of Rape (24:04)

Brian's Ball Bag Revisited / Smoothies Revisited / Nannerpuss and Random Audio (28:28)

Christopher Hitchens Tribute (33:53)


Kobe Bryant's Getting Divorced / BARBARIC (58:55)

The News

Chinese “Wolf Dad” Writes a Book About How to Beat Your Kids / British Barbara Walters (1:03:00)

The Muff March / Real Equal Rights (1:13:21)

Lot Lizard Dies, Trucker Sets Fire to Truck with Corpse Inside / Ear and Nose Hair (1:21:22)

Oldster Gets Ripped Off Following “Massage” / Sasha Grey's Monumentally Sloppy Blowjob (1:29:18)

Landlord Hangs “Whites Only” Sign at Pool / Old Timey Guy is Raaaaaacist (1:37:32)

Man Destroys Walls, Convinced His Girl is Inside One of Them (1:43:30)

Old Timey Guy is Still a Raaaaaacist / Whitey Wins Again (1:45:00)

Decaying Corpse Left in Apartment / Nagging Never Ends / Driving Ann Coulter's Face (1:51:55)