TGO Radio S05E02: Tim Tebow, Probably Gay (NSFW)

Total run time: 1:54:54

Recorded: Friday, December 2, 2011 at Camp David

Your Hosts: Brian Wise and Jeff Durant

Produced by: Doug Reacharound

Show Open (0:01)

Patrice O'Neal Tribute (5:27)

This Week in Coach Rape: Bernie Fine, His Awful Wife, ESPN Interview (26:31)

Tim Tebow, Probably Gay (56:57)


The News

More Tebow / Coca-Cola Has to Change its Packaging Because People are Fucking Dumb (1:04:53)

Squirrel Runs Up Man's Pant Leg / Jeff's Tweet / Laurie Fine Revisited (1:19:19)

Mob Feels Entitled, Chaos Erupts / Banging Ann Coulter's Face / The One Wiper (1:22:02)

Mush Mouth / Seven-year-old Sexual Harasser? (1:30:11)

Hateable 528 Pound Woman Gives Birth to 13 Pound “Miracle” in Germany, Names it Jihad (1:32:56)

Whore Mishap / Laurie Fine Revisited / Fat Pig Revisited (1:40:24)

Old Clips / Beavis and Butt-head / Zimbabwe Money (1:45:09)

Man Suing People He Held Hostage / Oral / The Wind Down / Herman Cain is DONE (1:49:30)