TGO Radio: One Night Stand (S05E01) (NSFW)

Total run time: 2:04:19

Recorded: Friday, 18 November 2011 at The Meadows.

Hosts: Brian Wise and Jeff Durant.

Produced by: Doug Reacharound.

Show Open (0:01)

Back at The Meadows / The Arab Station Still Hates Us / Beavis and Butt-head / Producers Take it Hard (4:59)

Brian’s Headphones / “I’ve Got Something in My Front Pocket for You” / South Park and Penn State (9:19)

Larry Sandusky’s Lawyer Knocked up a 16-year-old (15:50)

Larry Sandusky Theme Song / Sandusky’s Creepy Interview with Bob Costas (19:53)

Larry Sandusky’s Creepy Interview with NBC in 1987 (45:33)


Jeff’s Putrid Gasser (54:27)

Occupy Los Angeles is Going Well / “Fuck the Grey Aliens” (54:52)

The News

To Troll a Predator (56:32)

First Cousins Normally Fuck, now They’re Fighting and Stabbing Each Other / White Trash (1:04:08)

Pakistan Bans 1,695 Words from Text Messages (1:11:21)

Occupy Oakland Opened Up a Wells Fargo Account (1:13:36)

Seventy-five-year-old Teacher Caught Jerking Off in Class (1:14:24)

Japanese Company Manufactures a Shit Powered Motorcycle / A Collection of Redneck Self Shootings (1:30:42)

Not Unhot MILF in Court for Sending Nude Pics to Teenage Boy / Forty Too Long (1:34:08)

“Wanna Just Call this a Test Show?” / Old Timey Movie Watching (1:39:59)

Special Ed Teacher Operates “Porn Empire” Using a School Computer (1:42:27)

The Dim and Musty Vessel / Banging Cartoon Chicks / a Redhead with Big Tits (1:53:15)

Patrice Oneal at the Charlie Sheen Roast (1:57:18)